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From a scan of the newspaper Video Game magazine's May 1983 appeared rendering a portable console that will definitely make you go back to something.

Here is the first idea of handheld console, the developing .The bottom panel is not equipped with video but the side controls are very similar to Nintendo.

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And after rendering, here is the version output for the market called Palmtex Super Micro.
Inside the mazes, large and composed of several floors with its own fascinating aesthetic identity and move and look in the first-person view. As in Etrian Odyssey will trace the map on the bottom screen of the 3DS while boys advancing exploration. There is also an option for the lazy that allows on? It can still be useful in the later that can confuse and test the patience of those who travels through born from a drawing  diabolical ingenuity and enigmatic structure is revealed in all its brilliant simplicity, gradually, during the exploration.

Already the third floor of the first and of Alice, may be hard to follow because of the steps, indicated by clocks crazy, which open on "carroliane" walls. It takes a lot of patience and a willingness to pin everything on the map, so exploration is never frustrating and richness of the puzzles rather become increasingly dynamic the levels, you can open shortcuts to quickly return to where he had arrived. Yeah, because often you will leave the maze, thanks to the special items that must absolutely not forget to buy, to heal and build new weapons with the fragments left by monsters.
Whenever you go back in the maze you start from the beginning of the last level reached, but if you play carefully, reflective calm and rigor will be easy and quick return to the left point. If you were running the game over the map drawn is stored and, although you can save just by the school menu extra-maze, there is also a useful quick-save always usable. The challenge then is not only linked to the fighting, because the maze is filled with puzzles, traps and deadly enemies visible to avoid: the FOE that can kill quickly if the company comes into contact. We must, as happened in the last Etrian Odyssey, carefully calculate the moves and reactions, avoid getting in their visual field, in a game of displacements on the board of mappo.

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